A Stunning Duplex

stue-sofa-bolig-inspiration-d1eetMwlyNlx_2ek_Rnqnw-1 an etched mirror, herringbone floors and a linen sofa...i can't think of a better way to finish off a beautiful week can you? i had so many ideas for today's post...i have so many things on the horizon i can't wait to share. i spent the week on the oregon coast, this always fills my inspiration up to the very top...however, i had a problem with channeling and choosing what to share and when to do it...so much more on all of this soon.

in the mean time, a beautiful home...the perfect thing to post...

detaljer-bolig-boligreportage-inspiration-pJ48SFDik4OQ-nDzWnrDQA stue-bolig-boligreportage-inspiration-PNRjATsBZgg97x-ajOI29g reol-bolig-boligreportage-inspiration-D03I4UkM7LLjcB8AxbiOHA bolig-inspiration-kokken-Jc_gZ1tZnY1_YPDFv1XU3w kokken-bolig-inspiration-GbQyBEt0x8aC_Sg0dCl0rQ kokken-detajler-bolig-boligreportage-inspiration-_UtXqERtYxMb5s4BPnhzWg pejs-bolig-inspiration-Vi7z_uFOlDHRCrXuhviwQg spisestue-bolig-inspiration-w9LhbLKU5kMwWGLK8zTt9A sovevaerelse-bolig-inspiration-GWfXvV7Sl-DwMe9VeIIrJA bolig-inspiration-jXBcIhHTTGr4ZhpnqxIHhA terrasse-gardhave-bolig-inspiration-TkG9Tx5zghz9R9RDA63Tjw terrasse-bolig-inspiration-CTHU3MdY7WFVIDksdNapqw

xo mrs. french

source: bo bedre